At Kirill Zhadovich, MD, SC, we are proud to offer house visits for individuals who may not be able to leave their homes. House visits allow patients to receive professional care in the comfort and privacy of their home or residence.

House visits are ideal for patients who may not have the time to visit our office due to their schedule. Senior citizens and home-bound patients who may struggle to move can also benefit from our home services.

Our staff will begin your visit by discussing your overall medical history, goals, needs, and concerns. Once they have a better understanding of your condition, they will conduct a physical exam further to determine the cause of your pain or concern. Our doctors arrive at your house prepared with all of the necessary tools and instruments used to treat common ailments and conditions.

At Kirill Zhadovich, MD, SC our goal is to improve your health and quality of life while providing you with functional and aesthetic treatment for all your needs. For more information on our house visit services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at our Niles Office – (847) 825-0800 or Vernon Hills Office – (847) 549-3171.