4 Myths About COPD: There’s Treatment and Help

You’ve been told for years that smoking is bad for you. The warnings are written right on the cigarette carton. Yet many people continue to smoke. One of the many reasons you shouldn’t smoke is because you could develop COPD.

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a collection of progressive lung diseases — not just one condition — that makes it hard to breathe. The two primary forms of COPD are emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

In addition to trouble breathing, other symptoms of COPD include tightness in your chest and having a dry cough with mucus. While getting a diagnosis of COPD can feel scary and overwhelming, an early diagnosis can help you prevent it from getting worse. There are many myths out there about this chronic disease that can contribute to that scary feeling. 

The medical team at the office of Kirill Zhadovich, MD, separates myth from fact to help you face COPD armed with helpful information.

COPD is a rare disease

Myth. While COPD doesn’t get as much press as cancer or heart disease, COPD affects more than 65 million people worldwide. In the US, more than 15 million adults have been diagnosed with COPD, but about 10 million more have COPD and don’t know it. 

COPD is the third-most common cause of death. Heart disease and cancer are numbers one and two, respectively.

Only smokers get COPD

Myth. Most cases of COPD come from lung damage due to smoking. But, not all people with COPD were smokers. Harmful irritants cause some cases of COPD in the workplace or at home. People can also develop COPD through exposure to secondhand smoke and other air pollutants.

People with COPD can’t exercise

Myth. COPD can make exercise challenging. But pushing through the challenge and exercising regularly can actually improve your quality of life. If you fail to move around and get exercise, then you risk losing muscle and bone mass, which can exacerbate breathing issues. 

The expert providers at Dr. Kirill’s office can help you learn breathing techniques and also develop a safe and healthy exercise routine. 

There are no treatments for COPD

Myth. While it’s true that there is no cure for COPD, there are many treatment options to help you live an active, happy, and vital life. Treatment options include medication, oxygen therapy, and surgery.

For more information about COPD symptoms and treatments, call the office of Dr. Kirill Zhadovich at 847-920-4612 to make an appointment today. You can also send the team a message here on their website.

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